Home Air Purifiers: Whole House vs Portable

Whole House or Portable Home Air Purifiers: A Comparion

So, you’ve decided that you can’t take the amount of dust/pollen/pet allergens/other airborne particles present in your residence and you want to do something about by purchasing a home air purifier – but where do you begin? In this article we discuss the difference between whole house and portable air purifiers in an effort to help you make the right decision for you and your family. Read on…

Portable air purifiers (designed for small spaces)

Advantages: The main plus points to portables air cleaners is that they don’t require any installation whatsoever – you can simply plug them and in you’re ready to go. They are also great if there is only one room or one person who is suffering from a specific respiratory or allergen related issue as it can placed in the room in the question or moved around to assist the person requiring it. For those wanting a quick and affordable solution a portable device may be the best option.

Disadvantages: Despite their obvious pros, portable home air purifiers do have negative points. Firstly, they are limited to certain areas and can only filter a certain amount of air. Secondly, they are often inefficient at removing larger particles from the airspace, meaning these particles may fall to the ground and are still within the environment and thus able to cause problems (as well as causing a mess!). Thirdly and lastly, they can be rather unsightly (some can be quite bulky) and are often fairly noisy – two aspects which may put you off having them in and around your home. Luckily as technology has advanced most air purifiers are now smaller and more aesthetically pleasing.

Whole House Air Purifiers


Advantages: As you would expect from the name whole house air purifiers are able to filter the air throughout your entire home. Instead of having to buy smaller units to go round the house you can simply have one system installed to ensure your family home is clean and healthy for everyone. You also don’t have to worry about seeing and hearing numerous (potentially bulky) portable purifiers around your house. They also tend to be more efficient and far quieter than their portable peers.

Disadvantages: the main down point of whole house purifiers is the cost. Unless you’re an air filter installation expert yourself then you’ll have to pay someone to come in to your home, survey the property to ensure installation is possible, and then carry it out should your home be suitable. This can cost anywhere up to $3,000, which is simply too expensive for some people. Also, if you don’t own your home then this option wouldn’t be viable.

Ultimately it depends entirely on your situation and you must ask yourself several questions before committing to a purchase. Do I need filtration for my entire house or one room/person? Can I afford the installation costs? What level of filtration do I require? Once you’ve answered these questions we would definitely advise speaking to a variety of people, i.e. someone who has had a whole house system installed, someone who relies on portable units and of course an expert who can give you professional advice based on your circumstances.

My personal experience: We have a young daughter who has very mild asthma that tends to be worse when she is in her room and/or sleeping, so after considering a whole house setup in the end we decided that a portable air purifier located in her bedroom was the best choice for us. If several people in your household have lung or allergy-related conditions then a whole house system would probably be a better option.

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