Are Nexgrill the best grills on the market?

Why choose a Nexgrill gas grill?

Spring is fast approaching and you’ve decided to get yourself a new Gas Grill, but which one do you choose? There are many brands on the market, but experts often suggest NexGrill as the best all-round brand regardless of whether you’re a grill-cooking novice or a flame-grilled professional (for Nexgrill reviews please see the link at the bottom of this article). Before making the decision about which grill to buy it is imperative that you carry out research, as there are so many options out there nowadays it may be very difficult to choose the right one for your circumstances. But what do you need to research? Luckily you for you we’ve put together a guide to choosing the best grill. Enjoy!

Gas grills are a great choice due to the fact they are both easy-to-use and very efficient (you can cooking in a matter of minutes). They are also capable cooking far more than the stereotypical grill food such as burgers and hot dogs – you can cook pretty much anything you want! So what do you need to look for?

Our guide to choosing your gas grill


1) Safety: Safety will always be paramount when purchasing a grill. You will need to be able to use whilst children are nearby without worrying that they may be in danger. A safety check-list would include: checking the plumbing is secure; being sure that the cooking juices are re-routed away from the flames and ensuring the electric starters are reliable.

2) Heat distribution: Distribution of heat is absolutely vital for thorough and even cooking (there’s nothing worse than over-cooked and under-cooked parts within a few inches of each other!). If you want your food to cook at the same rate then you need even heat distribution. Another benefit to it is that it allows you to use your grill as an oven to roast or even bake food. When testing one be sure to hold your hand over it and move it across the length of the grill – you’ll be able to tell if it gets much hotter in some areas than others straight away. The combination of premium quality tube burner and a very well insulated hood will usually give the best results in terms of providing consistent cooking temperatures across the grill.

3) Durability: You need to view buying a Nexgrill as a long-term investment. A high quality gas grill should last for a lot longer than just a few years, so be sure that durability is high on the list of your priorities. Materials like stainless steel and enamelled steel are great choices for a grill as they are heavy duty enough to withstand whatever may be thrown at them (they are also highly unlikely to corrode).

4) Natural gas or propane? There are two types of gas that grill are fuelled by and that’s LP (liquid propane) or natural gas. The former is the most popular and with many gas stations and stores offering to exchange an empty tank for a full one it makes it affordable to run in the long term. Natural gas is far less common and only really a viable option if you have it laid on in your house. You may be able to connect your supply to the grill, but that would of course limit where you could locate the grill in your residence as you’d be at the mercy of the gas pipes.

When it comes to buying a grill the old adage of, ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true. Whilst this applies to all purchases, it’s especially important with gas grills because of the safety element and how potentially dangerous they could be.

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