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Looking for a Pokémon Emerald ROM online? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. In today’s article we will not only be reviewing Pokémon Emerald – we will also be showing you where you can play on a Pokémon Emerald ROM. For more information we highly recommend checking out the following website:


pokemon emerald rom

Where to find a Pokémon Emerald ROM?

Pokémon Emerald is very similar to all of the other Pokémon games that were released for the Game Boy, Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advanced. A young hero heads out into the world (with his parent’s permission of course!) with the aim of becoming the world’s number one Pokemon trainer. Along the way there will no doubt be adventures, enemies and a myriad of battles that the youth must overcome. This description could apply to any Pokémon game, and while it may feel similar to Sapphire or Ruby, it is essentially a larger version of those games and will therefore provide that little bit extra. Although regular players of Pokémon games will probably not find Emerald much different from the other offerings, those that haven’t played Pokemon in a while or have never played before will be in for a veritable treat.

The biggest plus point (in our humble opinion) that Pokémon Emerald has is how accessible it is. Emerald – like most Pokémon games – is extremely easy for newcomers, who can merely pick up the game and play without feeling overwhelmed, i.e. no previous experience is required. In addition, it has a depth to it that will keep most of the dedicated Pokémon players playing for hours, days and weeks on end. On the flip side – even though Emerald does offer a lot for those who have played many games from the Pokémon series – those that are hardcore Pokémon fans and gamers will probably view Emerald as extremely similar to Sapphire and Ruby. That being said, there have been some minor alterations made to this iteration. Pokémon abilities and the appearance of characters have been improved, in addition to the ability to utilise the GBA adapter and GameCube cable to trade Pokémon, fight Pokémon and upload Pokémon to the colosseum.

One question we were asked regarding Emerald were regarding the graphics and whether they had improved over the previous iterations. There is no doubt that the two preceding games did look really rather good when they were first released, however Emerald has not really taken any great leaps or bounds forward in this department. Granted, the game is still colourful and vivid (as you would expect), but it does feel a tad aged if we’re being completely honest. Battles remain largely the same, i.e. fun to engage in, but really rather static. The sounds and music also feel aged and very ‘samey’ (not that that’s necessarily a bad thing for those who are fans of the Pokémon game series), but who really buys a Pokémon game for the soundtrack?!

All in all, Pokémon Emerald is a very solid offering. Those that throughly enjoyed both Sapphire and Ruby will no doubt enjoy Emerald thanks to the small, but relatively significant changes that have been made to this offering. Those that are looking for a totally new or different game will probably not be impressed by Emerald, but those who simply love a Pokémon adventure (or perhaps just buying a new Pokémon game!) will get hours upon hours of fun from it.

Now that we’ve established that Pokémon Emerald is a great game, we highly recommend you check out the ROM version of it. You can do so by visiting the website linked at the start of the article.

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