Snorkeling Gear in 2019

Snorkeling Gear & Advice for Beginners

Now we’re into 2019 there is one question that appears to be on everybody’s lips (well, those in the snorkelling fraternity, at least!), and that’s ‘What is the best snorkelling equipment for 2019?’.

Although we’re only a few weeks into this new year, it is apparent that there are several brands and products that are standing out already. So, if you’re champing at the bit to discover what these are, then we cannot recommend the following article highly enough (we very much doubt you’ll find a more comprehensive piece on 2019 snorkelling equipment anywhere on the World Wide Web):


Snorkelling Gear: Our Buying Tips

If there’s one question that we’re asked more than any other, it’s (along the lines of) ‘I want to buy snorkelling gear, but I don’t where to start. Can you give me some advice and point me in the right direction?’. This is a very common question and one that almost all newcomers to snorkeling will ask. But it’s not only newbies; experienced snorkelers who haven’t purchased new equipment also quiz us on which are the best current brands, what to look out for in products etc.

As we get asked this question so much, we thought we’d dedicate a whole article to it! So, ladies and gentlemen here goes…

The Face Mask

You want to be able to see when you’re snorkeling, right?! Of course, you do – therefore a high-quality face mask is a must. The first point to remember here is that your nose must be within the eye pocket otherwise you will not be able to adjust to the pressures you will experience and dive and rise through the water.

If we had to list features that we believe are imperative, then it would be as follows: a tempered glass lens/lenses, a head strap that is both comfortable, durable and easily adjustable, and double silicone skirts. Of course, there are many other ‘extra’ features that can be considered, but on a basic level, we feel these three attributes are the most vital.

The old adage ‘You get what you pay for’ is something that should be taken note of. Although an expensive price tag doesn’t always mean the product will be of high quality, from our experience, cheap face masks do not perform well; therefore we’d always advise our readers to buy the best face mask they can afford.

The Snorkel

Probably the most essential piece of kit (you want to be able to breathe properly, don’t you?). Where snorkels are concerned, there are two characteristics that we feel are of importance. Firstly, comfort. You need a snorkel that comfortably fits into your mouth and doesn’t cause any irritation. Mouthpieces are made from a plethora of materials and come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, so our top tip here is to simply try different styles out and see which is the best fit for you. Secondly, regarding size, we feel that having the tip of the snorkel in line with your crown is the optimal fit.

The Fins

Where fins are concerned, there are two primary types: Full Foot and Open Heel. But which is best for you? Typically, the former is used for diving and snorkeling in warmer waters and are usually lighter in weight (which makes them great for travelling), whereas the latter is primarily used for scuba diving and in colder waters, or for those whose feet are in between sizes and want a little more flexibility (to reduce potential cramping and blistering).

…and there you have it – our guide to buying snorkeling gear in 2019 – we hope you found it useful!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. And, don’t forget, if you’re seeking the ultimate guide to snorkeling equipment in 2019 then check out the link at the start of the article.

Thanks for reading!