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Air Conditioning Unit Installation

Having struggled for a while to installed our air conditioning unit, I finally decided to drop my pride and seek external help from an expert. However, I found this great tutorial on YouTube that I wish I’d seen before forking out the cash for the aforementioned expert! If you’re looking to install by yourself then check out this video:

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MiraFit Squat Stands Review


Being a keen goer, yet not having enough hours available to me to fulfil my exercise urges I thought it’d be a great idea to start constructing myself a little bit of a home gym. Having already accrued 100kg of plates my next purchase was a squat stand by Mirafit. The reason I chose this brand was the price mainly, but the good reviews they had did also help to make my decision. Of course I did question the quality and durability of the product, but my fear were soon allayed.

Upon receiving the item (packed well in a sturdy box) I realised that I need two spanners, so off I popped to the local hardware store to buy a couple. Once I had my trusty spanners I was able to get to work! All in all it took me around 45 minutes to out the stands together, which I thought wasn’t bad for a fiddly one-man job. Once they were i up I couldn’t resist but put them through their paces! On went 70kg and off I squatted. They held the weight perfectly and the adjustable arms means you can set it to the perfect heigh for you. There are spotters also, which make it feel much safer should you fail. These are a little bit low for me, but I am 6’1″ so those smaller may find them at a more suitable height.

It’s not only squatting that can be done using these stands, you can also bench and do dips. I did at one point rest the barbell in the stands and do some pull ups! It really is a versatile and solid piece of kit for $80 including postage.

You can visit the MiraFit website here.